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A Ray Kon Tribute Halfway Gone BeyBlade t

A Ray Kon Tribute Halfway Gone BeyBlade t


Ray Kon

Tags: Anime, Pixiv, BEYBLADE, Kon Rei, Hiwatari Kai

Beyblade | AMV | Leave Out All The Rest [Kai Tribute]

Beyblade Raymond Kon Das lied What Dreams are made of(Fandub).wmv

beyblade Kai Hiwatari oyaoyaa.tumblr.com

Kai and Rei are a Couple of Misfits

Ray Kon Tribute - Fighting Spirits

Ray (: Beyblade!

Beyblade fan art!!! Old and New

kai hiwatari tyson granger beyblade beyblade rising shiyusenxsisters.tumblr.com


The One

Book Boyfriends, Goku, Kai, Games, Book Lovers

Kai, Max and Ray

Ray Kon - beyblade Fan Art

Beyblade - bladebreakers by ink-cap on DeviantArt

Tags: BEYBLADE, Kon Rei

Beyblade Rei and Kai tribute

Affections Touching Across Time: Tyka Tribue

I miss the old version of Beyblade. There was Rei, Tyson, Max,

Beyblade Ray vs Kai


Tags: Anime, BEYBLADE, Mizuhara Max

Beyblade G-Revolution

106 best Beyblade images on Pinterest | Anniversary ideas, Anniversary parties and Beyblade cake

Rei Kon and Driger (Bakuten Shoot Beyblade)

Kai hiwatari

Rei Kon by Well-Mon on DeviantArt

Beyblade - Ray vs Bryan

106 best Beyblade images on Pinterest | Anniversary ideas, Anniversary parties and Beyblade cake



(3) Tumblr

Haven't pinned anything DBZ in a while.

Beyblade - Never Gonna Take Me Down

Beyblade BEGA Tribute

Kudos to Suzaku for staying with Kai despite all of his bullshit since *cough* Not like Byakko *cough* I don't know how to draw birds or mythological ...

Tags: Fanart, Pixiv, BEYBLADE, Hiwatari Kai, Ouri, Fanart From Pixiv

beyblade tyson and Dragoon

kai from beyblade v force

kai hiwatari

BeyBlade - Season 1 and 2 <3


daichi sumeragi beyblade wallpaper (on the walls)

Find this Pin and more on Beyblade by Samantha Nielsen.

beyblade funny metal - Google Search


A pic of Ray ( or Rei ) Kon, from Beyblade that I drew. sorry the pic isn't that great, my ipod has a crappy camera.

Max (Beyblade)

Sketch of Ray Kon from Beyblade easy beyblade sketch step by step sketch SoftTV

Speed Drawing - Beyblade Ray Kon


Beyblade Kon Rie Ray Kon Theme Soundtrack

The Eyes of Tiger - Rei Kon

Tyson Granger - Beyblade


1:42. Bakugan & Beyblade (Kai Hiwatari ...

Find this Pin and more on Beyblade by Samantha Nielsen.



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7th Heaven 1927 Movie Free




The last Asian on Earth is also the deadliest.




BeyBlade G Revolution Ray Kon AMV Tiger Punch



Najgori do sada - Image: 3516 Bad copy

Drawing Ray Kon - Beyblade


The Song of Tentomushi - Image: The Song of Tentomushi



Tetsujin 28-go - Image: Tetsujin 28 go


I don't hate it so much not to give it a second chance, but that is certainly not true with.

Future Boy Conan - Promotional artwork for the series.


Hana no Ko Lunlun - Cover of the first DVD box

Remi, Nobody's Girl - Image: Droob Remi SH

Story of the Alps: My Annette - Image: Story of the Alps My Annette

Man, if someone were to actually read my blog, I would get so much sh*t for saying this. The dub of Hagaren is generally agreed upon as Best. Dub.

Angie Girl - Screenshot of the main character of the anime series

Without it, I would not get the immense joy of watching Fractale, a new show directed by Yutaka "Yamakan" Yamamoto (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) and ...