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All piercings excluding lobes were pierced by either Sophie or Poh

All piercings excluding lobes were pierced by either Sophie or Poh


Fresh snug and daith piercings by Poh

All piercings (excluding lobes) were pierced by either Sophie or Poh. Rook is healing, conch is healed, tragus and snug are fresh | Pinterest | Lobe, ...

Fresh paired upper lobe piercings by Poh (other piercings not by us)

Fresh tragus with gem labret end and fresh rook both by Poh

Fresh rook and anti-tragus piercings by Sophie

Fresh paired second lobe piercings by Poh (all other piercings not done by us)

Two fresh upper lobe piercings by Poh (daith healed by Poh too)

Fresh second lobe piercings with gemmed jewellery by Poh

Fresh tragus piercing + fresh daith piercing with horseshoe jewellery by Poh

Fresh third lobe piercing with a BCR/ring by Sophie (others not by us

Second lobe piercings by Poh

Fresh second lobe piercings by Poh using faux-opal internally threaded labrets. (both

'curated ear project' underway - all by Sophie besides the daith. Forward helix. '

Fresh earlobe piercings by both Sophie & Poh, pierced tandem for a little lady

Fresh upper lobe piercing with a standard BCR by Sophie

fresh vs healed antitrag

Luckily, we now stock the official No-Pull Piercing Disks to combat these bumps! (as seen in the left hand photo) More info can be found on our Facebook ...

Have a pesky piercing bump? Come and see us Tues – Sat (9:30am – 6:00pm | Weds (9:30am – 4:30pm), or alternatively, send us an email at ...

Cartilage piercings and everything you need to know before getting one.

(above images are 'venom' piercings – not performed by us. Credit to the original piercer/s)

Tongues are basically two muscles, held together working in unison. You have your main two chunky veins in there, one running through each side.

(above images are 'venom' piercings – not performed by us. Credit to the original piercer/s)

chars tongoo pt 2


Of course, proper aftercare and TLC with your new piercing also decrease the risk of over-swelling!

Annoying bump on your piercing? The No-Pull Piercing Disk is proving to be the fastest and easiest way to nurse a bumpy piercing back to health!

In our body piercing department, we have Senior Piercer, Sophie! She is currently nearing the THIRD year of her life sentence! She is fully experienced in ...

Lasering and carbon facial treatments are now available by appointment ONLY, ...

tumblr_nz04rxdwFD1r6dgv0o4_1280.jpg. The PIERCING is the actual ...

Ish. We have experienced these effects first hand when a lovely young lady approached us late last year with a 2-day old surface tongue piercing done by a ' ...

Russell Ince was born in 1980 on the Isle of Wight, a small island off of the South Coast of England.

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Two soldiers with horses; more armed soldiers are visible in the distance

Since Claire lives on ...

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I'm afraid all the characters are ...

The Bed-Book of Happiness by Begbie, Harold, 1871-1929 | Theft | Project Gutenberg

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Herodes Atticus - Memnon, foster child of Herodes Atticus; marble bust (showing sub

Our World, Or, the Slaveholder's Daughter by Adams, F. Colburn (Francis Colburn) | Project Gutenberg | E Text

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Bonus: ...

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Italia. Mappa delle produttività Nocive, delle aree a rischio e dei territori interessati da disastri ambientali, contaminazioni industriali,

CND opposes all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction: their development, manufacture, testing, deployment and use or threatened use by any country.

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Corinth Canal

Sparta and Athens were different in their values, politics, and societies.

'Stalking Nabokov,' Essays by Brian Boyd - The New York Times

Mappa Nazionale delle Produttività NOCIVE. "

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Mappa Nazionale delle Produttività NOCIVE. "

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