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Also known as this Greek word Obesophobia Pocrescophobia a

Also known as this Greek word Obesophobia Pocrescophobia a


Also known as this #Greek word: Obesophobia// Pocrescophobia: a fear of gaining weight.

Peccadillo-a small error, of little significance.


word-stuck: “ Pocrescophobia or obesophobia can be triggered by negative media perceptions, children comparing themselves to other “popular, skinny” kids, ...

Philotimo (φιλότιμο) Greek word without definition (philos = friend;

SYZYGY - English siz-i-jee Amazingly the only English word with three Ys also happens to describe a rare astronomical event involving three heavenly bodies.

Also one of the more common Phobias

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30. Chronophobia The ...


Obesophobia (from Greek obeso, "fat") or pocrescophobia is the fear of becoming fat. The phobia is usually triggered when learning that being fat can have ...



... 26. Brontophobia: Fear of Thunder • Phobia The Greek word ...


The term phobia ...

... accidentally; 14. poisoned.

What do you know, it's Friday 13th AGAIN.

... 4. fear ...

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The Sting Of The Scorpion's attempt to have a relatively complete listing of the phobias known to mankind. If I left one or three out just put it in the ...

This is what i have Pocrescophobia is the morbid and irrational fear of gaining weight. This is also comparable to Obesophobia, the fear of becoming fat or ...

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Hylophobia, also known as Xylophobia, Ylophobia, and Dendrophobia, is a psychological disorder defined by an irrational fear of wood, forest or trees.

honne 本音 and tatemae 建前 ~ (Japanese) - the contrast between a person's true


Athazagoraphobia n. the fear of being forgotten,ignored or replaced.

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My robotics coach called me this.


The word phobia is Greek, therefore any word that is connected to it should be Greek. To coin a new phobia name, it is proper to follow this rule.

Yes, I will just say yes for you, there, done, weird. But wait, there's more, there's an actual reason for me bringing up this very specific ...

Misoneism: Hatred or dislike of what is new or represents change.

Fear of Friday The Phobia – Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Triskaidekaphobia= the fear of number Paraskevi = Greek for Friday. What are you afraid of?

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The “You Stupid Piece of Garbage&#.

The Phobia List

(Blennophobia) Search N-; 12.


Phobia, Phobias, Fear of phobia, Phobophobia, Fear of fear

to shine or polish to a high sheen, especially with wax

Obesophobia | Pundit Cafe

Phobia, Phobias, Fear of books, Bibliophobia

Worrying about perfection or imperfection is just two sides of the same vanity coin. Better to just let it go and worry instead about developing WHO you are ...

the inevitable discovery of what we would rather not know; the opposite of serendipity

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lover much missed : Photo

One must overcome this, because they are really missing out on life. Trust me

Because someone should feel the pain I do. Because I'm the only one in the room.


an intense and irresistible desire for freedom | english | wordstuck

Taphephobia - Psychiatry. an abnormal fear of being buried alive.

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Today's Word of the Day is astraphobia. Learn its definition, pronunciation, etymology and more. Join over 19 million fans who boost their vocabulary every ...

a gender-neutral term of endearment for one's romantic partner

hmm, really a food for thought.

List Of Phobia Types From Ablutophobia To Zoophobia Complete list of phobia types Phobia types: ...

nostomania nos-tuh-MEY-nee-uh, noun; an irresistible compulsion to return home;

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10. ...

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Pinning this because I knew what it meant before I looked at the meaning. It's also the word 'word' in Spanish.

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Why I chose social work, and what I do daily

"mother-soul-alone", or to be as lonely as a mother's

(Homichlophobia) Obesophobia- Fear of gaining weight.(Pocrescophobia) Necrophobia- Fear of death or dead things. Ochlophobia- Fear of crowds or mobs.


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Topophobia- Fear of; 11. certain ...

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