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Batwing 02 David admires his new Batwing armor comic art 24

Batwing 02 David admires his new Batwing armor comic art 24


Batwing 02 - David admires his new Batwing armor.

Batwing 10 cover by BrianReber

Batwing in Action. Comic ArtComic BooksBatman ...

batwing | Batwing vs Batman Beyond

Batman and Batwing by Ken Lashley

Batwing I {David Zavimbi}

BATMAN: GOTHAM CRUSADERS – This Cartoon Should Be Real

Batwing (David Zavimbe) Debut: Batman Incorporated #5 May 2011


Cartoon Art · Comics · Sometimes you forget you've grown extra arms. It's a shapeshifter thing.

A big fan of the justice league series.

Martian Manhunter

Annex (comics) - Image: Annex (Marvel Comics character)

Batwing 02 - David admires his new Batwing armor. | comic art 24=batwing ( david zavimbe)-azrael (jean paul valley)-prometheus-Martian Manhunter | Pinterest ...



Batwing #18. Batman Comic ArtBatman ...

Batman alongside allies. Pictured from left to right: Robin, Batman, Oracle, Commissioner Gordon, and Huntress. Art by Jim Lee.

... cancelled last year) but […]

Cyborg (Victor Stone).jpg

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Damian Wayne in Batman and Robin vol. 2, #5 (March 2012)

It's been a busy comics month with both Action Comics #1000 and Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman, but of course the comics train waits for no one and DC ...

We also have a side story were Batman and Duke have broken into a fabric factory where they find a bunch of bodies and Batman tells Duke to check them all.

Batwing was a personal favorite. I don't know what's going to happen, but the animosity I harbored for DC Comics long since passed.

... turned it into the commercial and critical ...

Bruce Wayne is trying to scam a jewelry store and put the blame on poor Aunt Harriet?

She doesn't alter her usual style, nor does she go out of her way to ape the look of other artists' ...

An Interview With Kieron Gillen On Kid Loki & Journey Into Mystery: "Trust Your Instincts" (Part 1 of 2)

From his ...

The final chapter of Ron Marz's opening arc on this new Warlord of Mars series proves as thrilling as its previous installments. The book is full of action ...

World's Finest amps the dynamism in the Huntress' and Power Girl's stay on earth one. Writer Paul Levitz opens the book with a Haiku. Oh, no. I mean Haakou.

There's nothing worse than a frustrated Lois Lane, and you can imagine Erica Durance achieving such a buzz-saw on the loose performance.

From his ...

Art and ...

Steph's reaction should have been in its own panel, instead of being in the same panel as Batman's appearance, as the sense of time is broken by Steph's ...

Father Yod and the Source Brotherhood, Page 2-3

NEXT: Is this truly the end of Tim's training? What adventures would take him across the world? And is love in the air for the Boy Detective?

Black Panther Appreciation: Wakanda Forever! [Archive] - Page 243 - CBR Community

The cynical may think that Swords of Sorrow is little more than an artful excuse for selling a lot of comics with alternate covers of beautiful women in ...

In fact, the whole design works to involve the reader in the progress of the Dreadnoughts towards their target. The most distant of the robots forms the ...

The main story is a laugh-riot and I refuse to reveal the hilarious truth behind how Aunt May become one of NYC's Ten Most ...

Source: Comics Continuum

Ryan North also deserves praise for his clever and funny script. The stories in this issue pay homage to the Marvel Comics of yesteryear even as they poke ...

Father Yod and the Source Brotherhood, Page 8

... cancelled last year) but […]

Curiously, this final issue was illustrated by a different artist - Roberto Castro. Castro's style is far rougher and sketchier than the smooth, ...

Plain Sight

There's even a most-welcome two-page vignette from the much-missed team of Cornell and Kirk showing Captain Britain and M-13 on a state visit to Washington.

Damian Wayne on the cover of Batman and Robin #1 (August 2009).


Huntress (comics) - Image: Huntress v 1 1

With a murderous ...

Black Panther Appreciation: Wakanda Forever! [Archive] - Page 243 - CBR Community

Ramon Rosanas is a fine artist, capable of portraying the wide variety of unusual sights that this series reqires, up to and including a battle ...

Huntress (comics) - Image: Huntress BOP57


Brass Sun, a steampunk allegory from Jolly Ole' England, isn't as revolutionary as, say, Miracleman was, but it's a strong reminder that we're not alone in ...

In two issues, I feel like Simone has pushed Sonja further than anyone before. She had human moments of emotional connection with people in the same issue ...



AL Big Stall

Since that time, I've struggled to find the precise words to summarize this book to someone who has not been reading the Death Of The Family saga so far.

back a lifetime's pass to the Bat-Cave, and yet she didn't weep when she did so. She was upset, but she was dignified and she didn't weep.

Batgirl - Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. Art by Matt Haley and David


A Return to the Classic Logo accompanied new writer Chuck Austen with Action Comics #814

Roscoe considers himself a good man. Yeah, he's a courier for drugs, but it's one of the only jobs open to him in Detroit. He knows it's illegal, ...

doctor-spektor-01 “

Forever Evil 1.jpg


From his ...

Byrne Robotics: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice ~ SPOILERS start Pg 60

Vincent Price: Tales from the Darkness #4, Page 1

William Bushnell Stout, biography, Scarab, Ford Tri-Motor, Bill Stout, Jack Kneiff, Jack Knife, W.B. Stout, Batwing, William B. Stout, Stout Engineering, ...

Huntress (comics) - Image: Huntress DC Comics

Polarity #3, Page 4

Monster Myths GN, Page 3

Source: Comics Continuum

Battle for Metropolis

Of course, I opened the book and remembered that this was an action-revenge story and that burning orphanages is wrong. Maybe or maybe not in that order.

2:10:20 Closing

Byrne Robotics: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice ~ SPOILERS start Pg 60

The conversation is interrupted by Jason who ...

Cover of The Dark Knight Returns #1 (Feb. 1986). Art by penciler-inker Frank Miller and colorist Lynn Varley.

1: Knight Terrors by David Finch

No Caption Provided

Hypernaturals #5, Page 2

... at profchallenger.com and welcomes feedback from readers, both pro and con, but if female please include an attached pic in a tasteful state of undress.

Jab's Builds! [Archive] - Page 12 - Ronin Army: The Green Ronin Community

A Little Dark Knight Music: Batman Through Soundtrack and Song. Batman!

... while comic book author Alan Moore brought out Batman: The Killing Joke, one of the most influential Batman comics to date in 1988.

1966 brought in a television ...

Political Power: Democrats, Page 1