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Catherine Dolgorukov 14 Nov 1847 15 Feb 1922 Daughter of

Catherine Dolgorukov 14 Nov 1847 15 Feb 1922 Daughter of


Catherine Dolgorukov (14 Nov 1847 - 15 Feb 1922) - Daughter of Prince Michael

Catherine Dolgorukov (14 Nov 1847 - 15 Feb 1922) - Daughter of Prince Michael

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Princess Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorukov “Katya” (Ekaterina Dolgoroukaya) (14 November 1847-

Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorukov “Katya” (Dolgorouky) (Yekaterina Dolgorukova) (Ekaterina Dolgoroukaya

Catherine Dolgorouki, princesse Yurievska (1847-1922) seconde épouse du tsar Alexandre II

Catherine Dolgorukov (1847 - 1922). Mistress of Alexander II, and later his morganatic wife. They became lovers in 1866, and married in 1880.

Prince Georgiy Alexandrovich Yurievski,illegitimate son of Tsar Alexander II of Russia and Princess Ekaterina

1866 Ekaterina Dolgurakaia mistress to Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Catherine Dolgorukov Ekaterina Mikhailovna Dolgorukova Polyvore. Born 14 November 1847 ...

Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorukov “Katya” (Dolgorouky) (Yekaterina Dolgorukova) (Ekaterina Dolgoroukaya

Zinaida Dmitrievna Skobelyeva (1856-1899), a secular beauty of Imperial Petersburg,

Prince Dolgorukij with his family in 1897. "AL" | Russian Nobility ~ Dolgorukov | Pinterest

Ekaterina M. Dolgorukaya (1847-1922). End 1860 - beginning of 1870

Princess Catherine Alexandrovna Yurievskaya, natural daughter of Tsar Alexander II, 1911.

Ekaterina Dolgorouky

Katia Dolgorukova and her daughter Olga, later in years _BM

Catherine "Katia" Dolgorukova, Pr. Yurievskaya (1847-1922) the mistress and then the second wife to Tsar Alexander ll of Russia #Romanov _BM

Imperial Russia, Prince Vladimir Paley, morganatic son of Grand.

"AL" | Romanovs ~ Tsar Alexander ll of Russia ~ Princess Ekaterina Mikhailovna Dolgorukaya | Pinterest | Princess

Catherine Dolgorukova

Retro hair

Agnès Sorel - 9 February known by the sobriquet Dame de beauté, was a favourite mistress of King Charles VII of France, by whom she bore three daughters.

Les Russes à Nice (8) - La princesse Catherine Yourievskaïa, "Katia"

LPrincess Olga Alexandrovna Yurievskaya: illegitimate/morganatic daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia and

Grand Duchess Olga Pavlovna of Russia

Princess Ekaterina Dolgorouky, second wife of Alexander II.

Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna – of Russia, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin in marriage. Granddaughter of Nicholas I (daughter of his son Michael), ...

S.A.S. la princesse Catherine Mikhaïlovna Yourievskaïa, née Dolgoroukaïa (Dolgoroukova), le grand amour

Olga Alexandrovna, Princess Yurievskaya (1873–1925), natural daughter of Alexander II

Princess Ekaterina "Katia" Dolgorukova at the time she was the mistress of Tsar Alexander

Princess Ekaterina Dogoroukaya, morganatic wife of Csar Alexander II and their four children, George,Olga,Catherine and Boris who died as a child.

While most of the Romanovs have turned away on the Imperial couple, or was shunned

Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan

Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich (24 Nov 1877 – 9 Nov 1943) at the Winter

adini-nikolaevna: “Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukaya, second wife of Emperor Alexander II of Russia, by Makovsky.

A young Catherine "Katya" Dolgorukova, at the time she became the mistress of

Princess Olga Alexandrovna Yurievskaya,morganatic daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia and Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukaya. "AL"

Alexandre II (empereur de Russie) — Wikipédia

Mathilde Kschessinska

Olga Alexandrovna Yurievskaya (1873- 1925), Countess Merenberg. Daughter of Tsar Alexander II and Ekaterina Dolgorukaya _BM

Princess Ekaterina Yurievskaya Dolgorukaya.

Pr. Catherine Alexandrovna Yurievskaya (1878 - 1956), the youngest daughter of Alexander

Princess Olga Alexandrovna Yurievskaya, daughter of Tsar Alexander II and Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukova, Countess

Prince Georgiy Alexandrovich Yurievsky.

Великая княгиня Ксения Александровна – 166 photos | VK

Husband of Princess Marie of Hesse (known in Russia as Empress Maria Alexandrovna) (

Екатерина Михайловна Долгорукова, Светлейшая Княгиня Юрьевская - Jogan Hainkel


... it became apparent that Solomonia was barren. Vasili perfectly understood that if he died childless his brothers would inherit the throne. In order to ...

Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorukov “Katya” (Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorouky) (Yekaterina Mikhailovna Dolgorukova) (Ekaterina Dolgoroukaya) (Princess…

Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov full title: Heir, Tsesarevich & Grand Duke of Russia (1843

Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia Photographed by her Great-Aunt Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom on board the Imperial Royal Yacht,the ...

Grand Duke Alexander “Sandro” Mikhailovich and his wife Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia. Mid-to-late I believe this is one of the last photos of ...

grandduchesstatiana: “ Grand Duchess Maria on the Standart 1914 ”

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Son of Tsar Nicholas I (Nikolai I) (Nicholas I Pavlovich) Romanov (6 Jul 1796-2 Mar 1855) ...

Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorukov “Katya” (Dolgorouky) (Yekaterina Dolgorukova) (Ekaterina Dolgoroukaya) (Princess Yourievsky) (14 Nov 1847 Russia-1…

Empress Maria Feodorovna (1847-1928), when Princess Dagmar of Denmark c.

zinaida, princess of leuchtenberg/pictures - Google Search

Princess Maria Petrovna

Aide- Adyutant Prince Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Dolgorukov ( Lovchiy - vremen King Aleksѣya Mikhailovich ) image

Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia 17 January 1882 – 13 March 1957

Ekaterina Mikhailovna Dolgorukova with her sister-in-law,wife of her brother Mikhail. Княжна Екатерина Михайловна Долгорукова

Nikolas and his illagit daughter

Princess Catherine Alexandrovna Yurievskaya (9 September 1878 – 22 December 1959) (Russian:

Her affair with Grand Duke Paul caused a scandal after she bore him a son, Vladimir, in ...


adini-nikolaevna: “ Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia with her youngest son,

delicate-flowers-of-the-past: ““The last Imperial children

Irina 1914

Unknown artist Portrait of Prince Vasily Lukich Dolgorukov I half of the XIX century. Copy from a portrait of Canvas, oil. cm State Museum of the History of ...

Tsar Nicholas ll and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna. (Nicky and Alix)

Princess Ekaterina Dolgoroukaya & her sister in law

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikievna (Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg) ((1865–1927).

Princess Ekaterina Yurievskaia, daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia and Princess Ekaterina Yurievskaya Dolgorukaya. "AL"

Empress Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, nee Princess of Hesse. Wife of Tsar Alexander II

Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov of Russia as a young boy.

Tsar Alexander II of Russia. "AL"

Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia, known as "Maria Pavlovna the Younger" (In Russian Великая Княгиня Мария Павловна) was the daughter of Grand Duke ...

Princess Ekaterina Mikhailovna Dolgorukaya,Princess Yurievskaya. "AL"

Catherine Dolgoruky love letters to Alexander II

Olga with her husband Nicholas Kulikovsky & her eldest son Tikhon, August 24th, ...

Tsar Alexander II of Russia.the "Tsar Liberator".he abolished serfdom at about the same time slavery ended in America.

Horton, Later Viscountess Maynard (died Sir Joshua Reynolds (British, Plympton London) Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 36 x 28 in. x cm) Classification: ...

Maria Alexandrovna

Sophie is the Archdukes wife and she was assassinated at the same time and day that archduke was killed.