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DidYouKnow Whether your veterinarian recommends an Xray

DidYouKnow Whether your veterinarian recommends an Xray


#DidYouKnow Whether your veterinarian recommends an X-ray, ultrasound, CAT scan or MRI largely depends on what, and where, they need to see inside …

Radiographs, or x-rays, allow us to gain information about what is going on inside your pet. Radiographs can be used to diagnose orthopedic injuries, ...

5 Insane X-Rays - Page 4 of 5

Radiography is a valuable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. As we continually strive to offer the highest quality medicine and diagnostic testing, ...

Notice how the stomach, intestines and colon are able to spread out in the body cavity. Plus we can see other organs we couldn't see on the previous x-ray.

My Veterinarian Recommended a Biopsy - Now What?

Tripawd cat x-ray

AbbySchroederpuppies[1].jpg ...


This is what happens when you leave your video game pieces lying around -- they get eaten! This outrageous X-ray shows a Playstation controller stuck in the ...

A wellness examination includes an evaluation of all of your pet's major organ systems. We'll use the wellness visit to ask you questions about your pet's ...

By using digital radiographs (or x-rays), less radiation can be used to obtain a better image of similar contrast to traditional radiographs.


Pet Education: Bladder Stones

How to care for a pregnant dog. Is your dog pregnant? Find out what

Is what you're doing to help your dog with his fireworks and thunderstorm fears making them worse?

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Pregnancy and Xrays in Dogs. Greg Martinez DVM

How to Read a Radiograph (X-Ray)Long Beach Animal Hospital | Long Beach Animal Hospital

We all know the look our dogs give us when they're getting hungry.

Now, let's look at what the extra food, creating the fat, is doing to the body; ...

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Image result for lingual foramen and genial tubercle


Animal hospital in Morgantown, WV

Is there a vet tech that makes the world better at the animal hospital? Say thanks with these gift ideas for veterinary technicians!

Kickstart your pet's good health! PAW Plans provide your pet with a comprehensive level of preventive care to live a long and healthy life.

April ...

AbbySchroederpuppies[1].jpg little-charlee_x-ray[1].jpg ...

Swallowing a Penny Comes at a High Price for Dogs

Our priority is to ensure a peaceful and comfortable passing for your closest friend, and to treat each step of the proceeding with care and respect.

Forensic anthropology researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a technique that can provide an approximate age for juveniles and young ...

Dental x-rays: Bone loss is noted on both of these x-rays and teeth needed extracted.

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Our hospital carries the newest and most effective products available, and we can bring relief to your pet.

Bizarre Animal X-Rays - Photos - Most outrageous animal X-rays

Our priority is to ensure a peaceful and comfortable passing for your closest friend, and to treat each step of the proceeding with care and respect.

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PennHip X-ray taken on a young puppy. When standard radiographs are normal in

If your pet is sick, your veterinarian may recommend performing lab tests to help determine the underlying cause of your pet's symptoms.

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December abounds with holiday celebrations, but nothing can spoil good cheer like an emergency trip to the veterinary clinic. These tips can help keep your ...

Photo of Value Vet - Nashville, TN, United States. The boy is looking

Here are a few things to be aware of when taking your pets camping or hiking.

organ disease secondary from dental disease in dogs


Did you know that your pet's teeth are extremely similar to yours? Their baby teeth will fall out, they're at risk of developing tooth and gum diseases and ...

Ok, here is a crazy one. Older cat comes in with a lump on

x-ray of a pregnant dog, with visible skeletons of the the 10 puppies

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famous veterinarians quotes - Google Search

When the owner called Bothell Pet Hospital the next day, we advised taking Kaiya to an emergency hospital, suspecting that intensive care would be required.

Your pet's dental health is an important part of their overall health. Learn how dental disease can be easily prevented by visiting your veterinarian ...

Laser therapy is an exciting new alternative treatment in veterinary medicine. Our state-of-the-art therapy laser is a painless, noninvasive device that ...

Dog wondering what that tooth brush is

Can You Identify These Animals By Their X-Ray?

File this under, "things you should know before they happen to your dog.

Take Your Pets To A Vet ASAP If They Do This. Recognizing This Behavior Could

This large and in charge brown tabby feline has a fan club and if you meet him you'll know why! Anyone who meets him is instantly charmed by the round ...

Tapeworms are one of the many intestinal parasites that can infect your dog or cat. Veterinarian ...

Emergency Veterinary Medicine | Menomonie, WI | Brakken Veterinary Clinic Inc. | 715-

Digital x-ray confirmed a tumor in this cat's abdomen

10 steps to help prevent zoonotic diseases - dvm360 #petcare


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Behavior medicine addresses mental and physical health and its effect on your animal's behavior. Whether you want help starting off right with your new ...

Yeast Infections In Pets

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Managing Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Our Veterinarians are ready when your pet needs us and strive to provide personalized, compassionate care. Learn more about our team and contact us today!

Tinsel in GI tract. - This is why tinsel is not in my home.

The doctors at Bothell Pet Hospital will often recommend a procedure that involves anesthesia. It may be a spay, a mass removal, dental evaluation/cleaning, ...

Canine Total Health Wellness Club

CLICK HERE to download the list for easy reading.

Three of her legs are and the x rays showed that she also had six broken ribs. She had a spine operation, she is learning to walk again with the help of ...

canine influenza

Basic Lead x-ray marker set (L/R) with 2 initials


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Just as with humans, it is recommended that your cat or dog experiences the mechanical process of a good brushing every day. We know for some, ...

Did you know that when your pet reaches 8 years of age, he or she is considered a senior?

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Once a problem has been identified, we can make appropriate treatment recommendations at a point when treatment will make the most difference.

The surprise was that there was an unerupted tooth (labelled PM1 (1) , with the extra bonus of it being a supernumerary (extra) tooth to boot. As a vet ...

Our licensed vet team is experienced in all types of conditions and treatments and is prepared to diagnose, treat, and medicate as needed.

"Pets with regular dental care live an average of 2 years longer when compared with pets that don't," explains Dr. Jen Emerson-Mathis DVM, CVJ.

When your pet needs an x-ray, techs are the ones who do it. Veterinary ...

You can see multiple x-rays we taken at our hospital. All these teeth looked “normal” to the naked eye but you can see the bone loss and abscesses on all of ...

Canine Basic Wellness Club

Our dogs and cats are living longer than ever before. Why do you ask? Well, pet parents and veterinarians are teaming together to provide more preventative ...

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