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GrammarGirl QDT QuickAndDirtyTips Social Innovation

GrammarGirl QDT QuickAndDirtyTips Social Innovation


Free interactive and static quizzes from Grammar Girl.

#GrammarGirl #QDT #QuickAndDirtyTips

Online sensation Grammar Girl makes grammar fun and easy in this New York Times bestseller http

How to Write a Thank-You Note

Grammar Girl : Modifying Absolutes /avoid wordiness :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™

I.e. Versus E.g.

I said I was "riffling" through my medicine cabinet, but the word I. '

The comma rule comes down to the difference between two kinds of adjectives: coordinate adjectives

Millions of people around the world communicate better thanks to Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl

Fiction writers often ask me how they should format their characters' thoughts, which are

In the past, some experts said you should avoid using “aggravate” to mean. '

The new Grammar Girl bonus podcast episode on Stitcher.

Yay, Yea, Yeah, or Yes? | Grammar Girl

Is it said Squiggly? or Squiggly said? #GrammarGirl #QDT #QuickAndDirtyTips

This excerpt from Zachary Petit's book "The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing" will have

You only live through your 20's once; that's it. Check out 20 financial habits

6 English Words with Incognito Latin Origins

Grammar Girl : 10 Cool Products for Scrabble Lovers :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™

After Innovation

The phrase “man of straw” was first used to describe an imaginary opponent in

Two Spaces After a Period

Jake got called a hillbilly for using the word "supper" instead of "dinner. '

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With the annual spooktacular quickly approaching, #GrammarGirl answers a reader's question about the origins

The famous French Eiffel Tower

#GrammarGirl #QDT #QuickAndDirtyTips

Exponent Rules Practice...with a creepy twist! This scavenger hunt gives practice

A man taking a picture of his food. Is he a gourmet or a gourmand · '

How to Use Commas: A Summary

First, Second, and Third Person

Creative Spark: Grammar Girl,.


Grammar Girl : How New Words Get Added to the Scrabble Dictionaries (Yes, Dictionaries

Mantel v. Mantle #GrammarGirl #QDT #QuickAndDirtyTips. '

It's best to avoid using and/or, but what should you do if you

From the blog of fiction writer September C. Fawkes. #GrammarGirl #QDT #


What Is a Subordinate Clause?

Essential Baby Items Checklist

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Writing Teenage Characters: What You're Doing Wrong

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Why Every Author Should Join Goodreads - It's a social medial platform which reaches your target audience where only writers and readers go.

How to Identify (and Own) Your Writing Style

Pinterest For Writers: 30 Tips and Resources to Get Started

In this scavenger hunt, students will solve equations with variables on both sides, use

How To Put A Recommendations Box On A Facebook Business Page

Twitter can be critical to an author's marketing platform. 6 essential Twitter tips with examples

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How to teach graphing linear inequalities

Everything you ever wanted to know about Interactive Notebooks - Tips, Tricks, and Resources

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units of measure

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Ants

I'm tossing up between the Glasses of Envy and the Ring of Pride.

NATURAL DISASTERS: Water Vocabulary and Quiz Unit

How to Make Your Last Name Plural This Christmas Season

12 Freelance Writing Experts Reveal Their Best Way to Land Gigs

#MondayMeme #MondayBlogs | The Write Stuff

108 best Stop! Grammar time. images on Pinterest | English grammar, Languages and English class

Are you posting images across social networks? This articles shows how to make your social media images align with your brand and catch your audience's eye.

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21 Incredibly Important Diagrams To Help You Get Through Life

108 best Stop! Grammar time. images on Pinterest | English grammar, Languages and English class

The One Drop Guide to 10,000 Steps: how walking 10000 steps a day can be

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advanced English vocabulary, fluent English, learn real English, English vocabulary words, natural

NARRATIVE & CREATIVE WRITING: get your students focused, thinking and writing as they explore

How to: start a new habit. And make it stick! The One Drop

10 Things Before You Start A Comic Or Graphic Novel! - MakingComics.com

The grim reaper

We believe in creating highly innovative solutions for our clients regardless of the medium of branding

A lesson about the Persian Empire: location, history, strengths and weaknesses. Who

Perfect social skills lessons for managing emotions for kids and young adults. Topics include understanding

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Back to School Middle Grades Writing in Math

In-depth Discovery Learning Lesson Plans on Metaphors, 3 Printable Handouts concerning discovery learning

Fifty Plot Twist Ideas for Your Work-In-Progress!

How to handle the summer holidays with diabetes: the One Drop Guide!

I.e. Versus E.g.

3 surefire tips for managing stress as a college student

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CYOA compilation part 19

6 Ways To Transition Out Of Writer's Block

2 Girls, 1 Year, 730 Moments to Share: 5 Friday Favorites! School


Write a Book and Get It Published. (Yes, You!) Seven Key Strategies for Getting Started

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