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How To Cook Oha Soup Ora Ofe Oha Ora food t

How To Cook Oha Soup Ora Ofe Oha Ora food t


How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| (Ofe Oha/ Ora) uha

How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| (Ofe Oha/ Ora) uha

Ora soup is a delicacy from the Eastern part of Nigeria. I love ora soup but I must confess I didn't like making the soup at all. The traditional ora soup ...

How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| Ofe Oha/ Ora

Nigerian Oha And Uziza Soup

How To Cook Oha Soup (Ora)| (Ofe Oha/ Ora) uha

Oha Soup Koko Ng 8

Home Lifestyle Food How To Prepare The “Ofe Ora” (Oha Soup). Lifestyle ...

making oha soup


oha soup

Oha soup is one of the most popular delicacies which is native to the people of the south eastern part of Nigeria. I really don't know how to describe the ...

Add the periwinkle and vegetables (cut the ora into big chunks but slice the uziza finer). Cover the pot and simmer for 3 minutes.

My Mobile Chef – Oha Soup

Oha soup

Oha soup

Ora Oha soup

How to make Oha Soup

Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew)

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Ofe Nsala - White Soup Recipe

How To Cook Oha / Ora Nigerian Soup

Ora (Oha) Soup is similar to the Nigerian Bitterleaf Soup. While the Nigerian Ora soup is cooked with Ora leaves, the Bitterleaf Soup is cooked with bitter ...

As a result, there are a couple of weeks or even months that go by without my delicious ora soup.

How To Make Ora (Oha) Soup: Different Recipes For Any Taste!

How to Cook Oha Soup/ Ofe Oha/ Ofe Ora/ Ora soup

Oha soup

The first time I tasted Oha (Ora) soup was in 2009 in the restaurant of the High Court of the FCT. I had gone to court early that day and by lunch ...

Egusi Soup

Oha Soup with Achi/ Offor and Uziza Leaves plus Ogiri: RECIPE, PREPARATION VIDEO

Ofe Ora or sometimes called oha soup is one of the most delicious soups that is popularly made and eaten by the Igbo people and it is made with the leaves ...

It is optional to also add some cuts of uziza leaves although I didn't use them this time around. But if you have the uziza leaves handy, endeavour to use ...

Other than the local spice and stock cubes to boost the aroma/taste, you definitely need other ingredients such as ora leaves, meat, stockfish, ...

Cooking Ingredients of Ora soup:

Oha (Ora) Soup - Ofe Oha

... of Oha/ Ora leaves. •1 cooking spoon crayfish. •1 ...

Directions: Wash the meat and add to a big pot. Season with knorr and salt. Cook until it's well done.

Oha soup

My husband's aunt made me a bowl of spicy Oha Soup. That was the only food I could ingest, it worked like a charm and my appetite came back.

Chopping the oha leaves

To prepare the ora soup, you start by washing, spicing and cooking both the meat (assorted meat) and stockfish together. Once they are tender, ...

If you are searching for a yummy and hearty soup to satisfy your tastebud, then give this recipe a shot. A thick mould of warm swallow such as pounded yam, ...

How to cook Ora soup: the directions

Don't get me wrong, Oha leaves can be found in African Stores but not 'fresh' oha leaves but sun dried or frozen ones. And in my opinion oha Soup can't be ...

•1 medium sized stock fish head

oha soup nigerian soup · nigerian soup

Egusi Soup (Fried Method)

oha soup

How To Prepare Oha (ora) Nigerian Soup Time: About seventy minutes. Wash the cocoa yam with just water and start cooking, cook until it is soft (you can ...

•Sharki/ Kpomo (CowHide without the hairs). •A small bunch of uziza leaves. •A Large bunch of Oha/ Ora leaves

How to cook Ora (Oha) Soup

Oha Soup (Ofe Oha)

oha soup

How To Prepare Oha Soup African Nigeria food

Ofe Ugba

•Dry fish

oha soup. Allow to boil for 6-8 minutes or until the oil is fully incorporated into the stock, then add the blended Cocoyam into the stock in small dollops, ...

Ingredients for Ora (Oha) Soup

When I was living in Nigeria I could eat ofe Oha whenever I felt like it because 'fresh' oha leaves are readily available.


2 handfuls of Oha/Ora leaves. Oha leave. Uziza leaves for extra flavour

Ofe Nsala

I definitely had to learn to make it, but funny enough, it had very similar ingredients as my oha soup.

•A small bunch of uziza leaves. •A Large bunch of Oha/ Ora leaves

•A Large bunch of Oha/ Ora leaves

Add your chopped Oha/Ora and Uziza leaves into the pot and continue cooking on low heat for about 5minutes

But if your cocoyam is much, please do add it in bits), locust beans, palm oil, stir and leave to boil for another 20 to 25 mins.

Before you cook the Nigerian Ora Soup. Grind the crayfish and pepper and set aside. pound cocoyam

Ofe Oha and roll up fufu

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oha-soup-9. When the meats are soft, add the smoked fish and blended pepper, leave to combine for 5 minutes. You should end up with at least 4 cups of rich ...

•Sharki/ Kpomo (CowHide without the hairs). •A small bunch of uziza leaves. •A Large bunch of Oha/ Ora leaves

Nigerian Bitterleaf Soup, Bitter leaf Soup ,Ofe Onugbu

So let's begin!!!

Oha Soup (Ofe Oha)

bitterleaf soup

FOOD & RECIPE, Nigerian Soup


ChiChi's Cuisine .


However, the word 'oha' is actually the south eastern (igbo) name for the leaves used in making the soup.


Oha soup is on a menu today, a traditional soup that is indigenous to the Eastern part of Nigeria. With oha leaves, assorted meat and cocoa yam or achi as ...

The Mumpreneur Show - Ogiri Woman Ora (Oha) Soup