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Jul 2011 Sparkly Leaf hopper My Wild Garden t

Jul 2011 Sparkly Leaf hopper My Wild Garden t


Jul 2011....... Sparkly Leaf hopper. LeavesGarden

Sloe Shieldbug - Dolycoris baccarat April 2015. Tattoo IdeasGarden

Ichneumon wasp...... Aug 2014 · WaspGarden

Grasses · GrassesGarden

Robin in holly · RobinsGarden

How to Manage Thrips in your Garden #Gardening

After every rain shower, my garden plants looked refreshing and clean. God even dressed the leaves with dazzling ' water diamonds ' .

Tawny mining bee..... 27.04.12

leafhopper - Google Search

14-spot Ladybird...... 20.06.15

Small Copper butterfly...... 09.05.12. CopperGardenButterfly

Leaf Hopper

A leafhopper tiptoes along a 'Munstead White' columbine.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Speckled wood butterfly

Newly emerged Shieldbug nymphs

Candystriped Leafhopper The Candystriped Leafhopper, or Red Banded Leafhopper, Graphocephala coccinea, is such a beautiful insect.

Not moth eggs. as I found out today! Find this Pin and more on My Wild Garden ...

Gorse Shieldbug Nymph - final instar

Knowing that the plant doesn't produce thorns is what tips most people off to the presence of Treehoppers.

Needham, et al, tell us that “The feeding operations of many leaf-mining larvae may be observed with a good lens, holding their leaf up to the light and ...

Spring Green Leaves

Bluebells...... 23.04.15 · Garden

Seed heads · SeedsGarden

Sunday, December 12, 2010

White Clover Flower 24.06.13. CloversGarden

Honeydew is a sweet substance that is produced after digesting the plant sap, and it is eaten by ants, wasps and other insects that are attracted to sweets.

Leafhopper at Night_IMG_0974

Wild Cucumber

Claude Monet, Garden Path at Giverny placed 3rd on overstockArt's 2017 Top 10 Art List

Native wild cucumber (Echinocystis lobata) is a late summer blooming vine that climbs on shrubs and trees like it's doing in this photo.

Ingrailed Clay....... 11.07.15

There are plenty of beneficial garden bugs that can help your garden grow. If you're not sure what bugs to let live, check out this list of five good ...

I'm totally infatuated with my new Phyllocrania paradoxa, or Ghost Mantis.

Castor Bean plant - love the huge leaves & red stems


If you have read my previous post on my homegrown edamame, you will know that it has been six days since and yesterday was time to harvest them before they ...

When my friend, Alice Chooi, from Malaysia Gardeners group of FB wanted to help me germinate the soy bean seed that she wanted to gift me.

Birdsfoot Trefoil

potato leafhopper

Possibly moth eggs under Alchimilla leaf. Find this Pin and more on My Wild Garden ...

Graphocephala distanti

B U T T E R F L Y — macro | yırtık pırtık | by sertoktas | http://ift.

Asters have been blooming for a couple of weeks now but this is the first purple one I've seen, blooming just two days ago at the height of the eclipse.

Gooden's Nomad Bee (Nomada goodeniana)....... 14.05.

A King Crow showing us its upperside while resting on a leaf of the Wild Cinnamon on an urban hill park.

Redbud Treehopper

There's Gold in Them There Hills!

Candy-striped Leafhopper - Graphocephala

... Schmidt gardens ...

Flowers in the walled gardens

look at my new friend

... in spite of it being a cold day and I finally found some coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara.) The flowers on coltsfoot plants come up before the leaves ...

My biggest surprise on this day was finding ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea) in bloom because I've never seen them bloom so early; they usually bloom in May.

Jelly fungus · JellyGarden

I managed to capture the sparkles without the help of any special effect lens

Thursday is usually my day to post another Show and Tell. This morning I awakened to news of a terrible explosion in a small Texas community.

Now, I am just a little sad to see him go back! Oh well, I will see him in a few weeks for a family wedding! On to my card!!!

22 ...

(Lynx Spider vs Leaf Hopper)

'Fall Vegetable Garden' by Nancy Herman. I like the colors in this painting

Norway Maple leaf on freshly fallen snow in Alliance in late November (CM 11/20/2016)

They fly carelessly close to silken strands where garden spiders dangle beneath the leaves waiting to pounce. The bees' tantalising electrical charge in the ...

This colorful, TINY insect (not quite the size of a grain of rice) is an Orange and White Leafhopper. I believe this particular one may be Arboridia plena.

Leafhopper · Cicada by Gil Wizen


This is my daughter's favorite bug. She loves lady bugs, especially in our garden. I don't mind the lady bugs, but if I see any termites, I'm going to need ...

Partridgeberry flowers are fused at the base. Once pollinated, the ovaries of these flowers will join and form one berry with 8 seeds.

We also did French knots, which are useful, but finicky. The class was years ago, though — I had no idea where my embroidery hoop even was.

A white poppy I'd planted, bot at Russell Gardens. Basil of Faulty Towers is to the left.

... the super cute image from LOTV called "Father Christmas" and he is colored with distress inks. I love it! The holly papers are Bo Bunny. Some of my Wild ...

Anyway, my little stroll before sunset was only mildly successful. The gates on this place were made to be shut only by Thor himself. Or the Hulk.

Butterfly getting nectar from flowers Butterfly habitat with leaf mister

Today is Monday, so it's my post for my local stamp store, Buffalo Stamps and Stuff.

It really was a beautiful day, and the surroundings were simply detoxifying.

a closer look revealed that they were part of the leaf surface ....and under the microscope .

Leafhopper, Mondays, Insects, Youth, Butterflies, Bugs, Young Man, Young Adults, Teenagers

Fresh Green Lemon Leaves Processed Using Lightroom

And Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) loaded with pollinators!

At first glance this little guy looks completely unremarkable!

There were many honey bees enjoying the sweet, ripe berries and my youngest didn't like sharing with them so much, but she pushed on (for the first half).

Flower garden by Bruce Stambaugh


I'm selling my original illustrations! You can find them in my webshop, next to the cards, prints and bags.

Should be a Planthopper. A planthopper is any insect in the infraorder Fulgoromorpha within the Hemiptera.

ASPEN LEAF MINER OR ASPEN SERPENTINE LEAFMINER (Phyllocnistis populiella): https://bugguide.net/node/view/204391/bgimage and ...

And just like that I was reminded why people love to garden. Because it's magic. It really is. One tiny seed, a little sun, water and patience, ...

Post 1001 | Your favourite ever Daily Norm article

I colored the image with Prismacolor pencils, and paper-pieced the pillow with a scrap of the background paper. I used Cover-a-Card stamps to create my ...

Grand, imposing and the very epitome of a medieval-style castle, Windsor is not only a historical monument worthy of legend itself.

Wild Grapes

Today's Country Backroads are from my Thanksgiving travels,

Upper Garden

The caterpillars of Blue Spotted Crow feed on the young and tender leaves in its early instars but move on to the more mature and larger leaves in the later ...

(Lynx Spider vs Leaf Hopper)

I warned you last week I had new toys in the form of Colourful Thoughts Jewel Enamels / embossing powders, so if you're bored already, you may wish to have ...

Don't throw out your kid's old toys. Turn them into a

This is part of a series of lotus flower shots taken in Shing Mun Valley Park, Hong Kong one early morning in the Summer of 2011 View On Black

The sentiment you see on my card comes with the image! So you kinda get a twofor! haha!