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Our silver laced wine dot hens Truly beautiful Pets t

Our silver laced wine dot hens Truly beautiful Pets t


Our silver laced wine dot hens. Truly beautiful

Wyandotte: Calm, cold hardy and produces lots of eggs as well as being a tasty meat bird. It is an excellent breed for the home flock.

Wyandottes- silver laced hen

(gold laced) wyandottes | Thanks to Poultry Keeper dot com and Matt Hanson - Google search ~ SO pretty!

silver laced wyandotte chicken

Beautiful Snow, my silver laced Wyandotte

I am looking for a picture of a Rooster that meets the Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster Breed Standard I have several roosters in my flock and am trying.

Silver laced wyandotte rooster--this is what our new fellas look like.

Chickens in the garden. Front: splash blue laced red Wyandotte back right: silver

Silver Laced Polish Rooster, probably the most beautiful chicken i've ever seen.

Silver Lace Wyandotte Chicks for Sale

She's one of seven Silver Laced Wyandottes we brought to the homestead back in September. She's my favorite, but don't tell her sisters.

Silver Laced Wyandottes

My young Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster .. just beginning to crow.

Silver Laced Wyndotte

Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Chicken

Silver Laced Wyandottes at The Spry Farm

Silver Laced Wyandottes: The Creation. Silver Laced Wyandotte 1

Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Rooster Chicken Breed

Any time someone comes over to our house and see the chickens they always say. "Wow, I never knew Chickens could be so beautiful"

Golden Laced Wyandotte is the breed that didn't make it in our nest, next time we'll get these guys.

Silver Laced Wyandottes are a popular pet chicken due to their friendly temperament and egg production.

Watching their plumage change each week as they grew was very intriguing. I never knew just like when we were in middle school, chickens as well truly ...

Wanda has always been the first to take off into flight, but she also has the most beautiful lacing out of our bunch. She will fly up to a stranger that ...

Silver Laced Standard Cochin Chicken Cockerel

Backyard Chicken Product: Day Old Baby Chicks - Silver Laced Cochin - from My Pet

My Silver Laced Wyandottes are now 8 weeks old. Still not sure if both are

Silver Laced Wyandotte hen or rooster??

Silver Laced Cochin Standard Chicken

“Poppy” is strickingly beautiful. A Silver-laced Wyandotte with black and white feathers, she is also the most temperamental of our six hens (see story “A ...

Day-Old Chicks: Golden Laced Wyandotte. Golden Laced Wyandotte hen

We got our baby chicks on April 1st of 2012. The chickens I had raised in the past I had never bonded with quite like these chicks.

Golden laced Wyandotte chicken

Cold hardy chicken breeds: wyandotte. Silver Laced Wyandotte

Silver Laced Wyandotte

A big, beautiful blond. Sweet, tame, the first to greet us, the first to be on our laps when we sit nearby. She is somewhat “motherly” ...

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken by Chickens For Backyards

Album: Byrdfeathers

Partridge wyandotte chicks

Black Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chickens · Home / Shop / Chickens for Sale / Egg Laying Chickens / Brown Egg Layers

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chickens · Home / Shop / Chickens for Sale / Egg Laying Chickens / Brown Egg Layers

Our Delaware cross on the left and Silver Laced Wyandotte on the right are fluffed up

White Silkie

chillin chicken. my wyandotte. Silver laced. Trio of Bantam Columbian wyandottes

As they have continued to grow their lacing has really come out! This is Wanda, she loves to fly up on the wooden fence and strut her stuff.

Oops! This link is a bad egg

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chick

[ IMG]


That's right ...

silverlaced wyndotte Cockerell · Annabel my laced Wyandotte

Day-Old Chicks: Silver Laced Wyandotte

Silver pencilled Wyandotte chickens.


Silver Laced Wyandotte Chickens

Once the vegetable garden practically died out due to the summer heat this became the chicken's territory. They have pretty much stripped the whole area of ...

Silver Laced Wyandottes

Congratulations my Silver Laced Hamburg!

my silver laced wyandotte rooster ♡♡♡

Our hen Petunia has crooked toes and a crooked Spine, and this was very alarming to us - until we realized. She does not have a clue she is any different, ...

“Rosie” is our little Rhode Island Red. No flock is complete without this standard breed. She lays eggs that are medium brown in color.

Barred and Blue laced Wyandotte's · chillin chicken · my wyandotte · Silver laced · Trio of Bantam Columbian wyandottes

Black Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken

Wilma has always been the shy one, as far as allowing us to pet her or hold her. It's always been a "catch me if you can" game.

Got my meyer Chicks in :)

Mark Robinson / Flickr: 66176388@N00 Creative Commons

Understanding Chickens & Eggs : Silver Laced Wyandotte Dot Chickens - YouTube

Silver laced wyandotte · Blue laced wyandottes

Silver Laced Standard Cochin Chicken Pullet

Dinner ...

Peep, our Silverlaced Wyandotte, about 1 year old

And last but not least we have Wynonna. She has sort of been my favorite since birth. She would always sit in my hand, any even now she will walk right up ...

Polish Eggs-med. size. My Polish hen was my first pet ...

Raising them from practically birth was one of the most joyful experiences I have ever experienced in my life. It is very fulfilling to say the least!

Silver Laced Standard Cochin Chicken Cockerel

We got out first egg on August 28th 2012! And 4 hours later we found a 2nd egg! It was such a surprise to us, probably to the chickens as well.

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicks

Silver Laced Wyandottes are the original variety of the breed

The name “Petunia” sounds so sweet and Petunia looks sweet. But Petunia is not! She is the most timid of all the hens and is quick to run if we reach to ...

Pair of Gold Laced Wyandottes Large Fowl REDUCED

A magnificent (but probably angry) Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster

Silver laced Wyandotte chickens.

Buff Orpington hen

Size comparison: bantam chicken on left, and large fowl chicken on right.

Best Backyard CHickens

The Red Star or red sex-linked chicken - is it the right breed for

A Barred Plymouth Rock and 2 Easter Egger hens

cold-hardy chicken breeds

Day-Old Chicks: Dominique

Buff Orpington hen

Silver Penciled Rocks

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chick. "

However, others lay later: Easter Eggers sometimes don't begin laying until seven or eight months, and large breeds like Brahmas and Jersey Giants often ...


Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Chicken

Speckled Sussex. Silver Laced Wyandotte

Dinner (who may not end up getting eaten after all) and our Easter Egger behind her. (Notice the weird funny beard on the Easter Egger)

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicks