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Placide 20170213 France Fillon a la Runion Caricatures et

Placide 20170213 France Fillon a la Runion Caricatures et


Pascal (2016-07-18) JO 2016: Dopage, Russie.


Après Fillon, Merkel reçoit Macron

Le couple franco-allemand fête ses noces d'or

Caricatures de Mahomet : Sarkozy avocat de Charlie Hebdo

The Democrats only purpose is to enslave all to big government run umuck

Laïcité: le gouvernement propose des menus végétariens dans les cantines

Péji - Caricature : Nicolas Sarkozy et Carla Bruni en vacances en Corse

Motion de censure: les frondeurs maladroits

Affaire Tapie : Christine Lagarde rattrapée par la justice

Critiqué après son escapade footbalistique, Valls soutenu par Hollande

Manuel Valls et DSK en soirée

Humour - Aulnay-sous-Bois: Hollande au chevet de Théo - 08 Février 2017 - Les dossiers de Placide - dessins de presse - chaque jour un dessin d'actualité ...

Denis Baupin: un drôle de vert galant

Vincent Peillon et Ségolène Royal : encore un divorce

Nouveau lancer de colombe à Charm el Cheick


On this week's show we're returning to discuss the Ultimate Geek Questions. How to prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse? What sci-fi world would you want to live ...

AnnaMay and Dave are somewhere in there

On this week's show we're grabbing our golden tickets and discussing what Movie, Tv and video game Franchises would make awesome theme parks.

The best video games entertain, hook us and can be more pleasurable than any movie or TV show. So it's understandable to anticipate big upcoming games, ...

This week's show is dedicated to recommending the best in Movies, Anime, Videogames, TV, comics and more. Whether you're a super geek who's seen ...


On the radio show this week we spend our first hour talking about what anime would make great live action Hollywood movies, and which ones would never work.

In anticipation for the release of Baywatch, we'll talk about what other 90's TV shows should, could and shan't be turned into movies!

British Pathé

Anime Expo 2014 - Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

20h00 : Fête de la Trivalle

As someone who read all the grown-up books in the library despite being too


Mutio (2017-11-24) Lybie: La tradition, c'est pas toujours bon… - Dessin du jour - Urtikan.net

Ao no Exorcist - 18 - Large 06

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Affiche Late Show with David Letterman. “

UN AUTRE MONDE EST POSSIBLE : Dominations , Manipulations , Résistances , Altermondes. » 2009 » février

Take a break from finals!

En réunissant ...


... Haku from Team 7's first adventure (you know Zabuza, he's the cool guy with the huge sword and socks on his arms). This is also a huge departure because ...

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Here's what Naruto looks like in the cap.


KEEPERsport GK Undershirt Tiger LTD (gris/vert)

WonderCon 2012 Photos: Tattoos of WonderCon

Railfair2010 (10)

Thundercats and Zelda


Placide (2016-11-28) France: François Fillon crucifie Alain Juppé

Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Black Lantern Martian Manhunter

Puis je vis monter de la mer une bête qui avait dix cornes et sept têtes, et sur ses cornes dix diadèmes, et sur ses têtes des noms de blasphème.



Daenerys Targaryen

Wild Beasts (1984) Blu-ray Review

Some Like It Hot Collector's Edition

Smallville is in its 10th season now (that's right, you read correctly, tenth season!!!) so all bets are off. We've seen Clark fighting crime in red jackets ...

AnnaMay and Dave at SDCC 2010

Wonder Woman & Triana Orpheus

Either way she's awesome in everything we've seen her in from House Bunny to Zombieland, so were definitely happy!

Descubre el mundo

3 children, 2 adults injured in EB Hwy. 401 crash





Doctor Who- Amy Pond, The TARDIS & The Doctor



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Disney tweets then deletes this dark 'Pinocchio' message after social media blowback


British Pathé

Port de Rouen, une bonne campagne céréalière

Bucky, Power Girl, Winter Soldier


AnnaMay and Naruto use the Shadow Clone technique but Dave did it backwards and created a bear!

Hjemsokt (2017)

Sometimes experiencing a movie is like falling in love, even if it's ugly and stupid, you just can't get enough of it! On this week's show we get really ...


... this wonder mom is at the center of the Pixar family super hero team, holding the family together through tremendous battles and boring suburban life.