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Portuguese soldiers in Africa during World War I wearing the newly

Portuguese soldiers in Africa during World War I wearing the newly


Initial Portugal was neutral but after conflict in Africa, Portugal in retaliation seized German ships at anchor in Lisbon and Germany declared war ...

Portugal Expeditionary Corp.

Portuguese soldiers in Africa during World War I wearing the newly introduced khaki 1900 pattern uniform

Portuguese Army

Portuguese Army on the Western Front

Portuguese soldiers at the front

Portuguese Army 1911

FLEC soldier with Portuguese mercenary Guarding the Road from Cubans MPLA and FLNC(Front for Congolese national liberation)FLNC soldiers

Portuguese Indigenous Troops (companhias indígenas) With NCO · Military Life TroopsPortugueseAfrican FashionArmiesWwiColonialAfrican ...

A new nation joined the Western Front in 1917 as Portuguese soldiers made their.

The jungle camouflage that eventually replaced khaki in Portuguese Africa

Military history of New Zealand during World War I

Portuguese Troops In Southern Angola, West Africa, Ww1 Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty

WW1 - Flanders, 1918 - Portuguese Lewis gun crew by AndreaSilva60 on DeviantArt

French soldiers stand in a relaxed group wearing medals. The medals appear to be the Military Medal, established on 25th March, 1916, for acts of bravery.

Portuguese Army soldiers progressing in an Angolan jungle trail, attentive to possible ambushes, in the early 1960s.

A Portuguese Marine occupying the streets of Angola in

Colonial Artillery c 1900

The Famous 369th Arrive in New York City ca. 1919. Members of the 369th [ African American] Infantry, formerly 15th New York Regulars. #

WW1 portuguese regular and colonial auxilliary · German East AfricaMilitary ...

Three Portuguese soldiers looking through the sights of their rifles in a trench in 1918 (

Askari Was A Local Soldier Serving In The Armies Of The European Colonial Racist Powers In Africa And World

Training of FNLA soldiers in Zaire

Fig. 10: Officers of the Naval Fusiliers Battalion in Angola, c. 1914

This encounter proved indecisive, and while Castro withdrew his soldiers the CIA employed Congolese “assets” to kill Lumumba.

Boer troops lining up in battle against the British during the South African War (1899

15: Portuguese Infantry officers (the left one wearing an Army Staff armband

Portuguese soldiers in the First World War 1914-1918

Cubans,Angolans and SWAPO soldiers in south Angola

FLEC soldier with Portuguese mercenary Guarding the Road from Cubans MPLA and FLNC(Front for Congolese national liberation)FLNC soldiers


US Army Private wearing black beret with Distinctive Unit Insignia on the US Army beret flash

They are probably black South Africans who had contracted to work in the South African Native Labour Contingent (SANLC).

A female soldier of the Portuguese Armed Forces in position, with her Hecker and Koch G3 Rifle, during a field exercise

Portuguese infantry during NATO maneuvers in the Santa Margarida Military Camp.

King Manuel II, the last Monarch of Portugal, visiting an Army unit, near the end of the Monarchy.

Late Cold War[edit]. Portuguese Army ...

The campaign in German East Africa, 1914-1918

Guerra Colonial Portuguesa.jpg

Since 1916, the British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Marines have allowed moustaches and side whiskers. Beards are not covered under this acceptance, ...

Portuguese Shirt 1970s Vertical Lizard Camouflage

Panorama: the Luso-Afro beats, when Portugal meets Africa

German-led Askaris (native troops) man a machine gun position in East Africa

During downtime, soldiers from Britain, France and the USA, plus some members of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) watch French children playing in ...

Special forces[edit]

The Portuguese Military Cemetery at Richebourg in Northern France (Photo: Centenary News)

Above: former Portuguese troops, still wearing their uniforms, who joined the FNLA, an Angolan faction opposed to the MPLA. The vehicle is a Panhard AML-90 ...

This was the deadliest single incident involving Cuban military personnel in Africa up to the time.

South African Native Labour Corps troops around a brazier in Dannes, France

Cuban soldiers and a Soviet Officer in Jamba Angola

Portuguese dictator Antonio De Oliveira Salazar (1889 - 1970) reviews troops about to embark for the African colonies of the Portuguese Republic, ...

Nord Noratlas, Dornier Do-27, T-6 Texan, SA 326 Alouette, PV-2 Harpoon and Fiat G91 of the Portuguese Air Force during the colonial wars.

100 Interesting Facts About WWI

The Dark Romance and Grim Reality of Life in the French Foreign Legion | Vanity Fair


Rhodesian soldiers on patrol

Above: Cubans posing for a photo with an abandoned South African Olifant Mk1A tank near the Tumpo River, Cuito Cuanavale, early 1988.

Portuguese military

Western front, a group of captured Allied soldiers representing 8 nationalities: Anamite (Vietnamese

Recruits line up at a New York army camp shortly after President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany, in April of 1917. #

The UN mission at work in one of Africa's most dangerous

World War II: Battle of Stalingrad

Fig.1: A group of Portuguese officers, c. 1912, wearing the

Portugal's center-right government returns to power, despite risk

Secret Nazi military base discovered by Russian scientists in the Arctic | The Independent

Louis wearing his US Army uniform in London in 1944

U.K. Unveils Memorial for African, Caribbean Soldiers Who Served During World Wars

German troops in Finland during the Finnish Civil War, part of a series of conflicts spurred on by World War I. Red troops, both men and women, ...

'For small countries involved in global conflicts, it appears that there are possibilities to play both sides off against each other in order to maximum ...

Cuban soldiers and a Soviet Officer in Jamba Angola

British soldiers play football while wearing gas masks, France, 1916. # Bibliotheque nationale

German soldiers in Afghanistan

Asian Americans in the Army. "

A historical line from the Paris Commune to the Mozambican Revolution

The Bush War

Epic History: World War One - 1914

Home ...

Map of Africa just before World War I (larger image (456 kB))

Female African American Soldier Series: Against Dark Brown Background

Activist Israel Kaunatjike journeyed from Namibia to Germany, only to discover a forgotten past that has connections to his own family tree

British soldier poses in mouth of a captured 38 caliber gun during World War I. #

Poppy Day in Colombo, Sri Lanka

South African Forces on the Western Front

Home ...

A French officer has tea with English military personnel during World War I. #

Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (W.A.A.C.) members play field hockey with soldiers in France, during World War I, drying greens and convalescent home buildings ...

Rebel UNITA troops walk through a field twenty miles from the front line at Munhango, Angola April 29, 1986. Reuters/Wendy Schwegmann

India's forgotten African tribe

Cubans and Angolans before a battle with South African border troops in Namibia

Prussian-born Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck (1870-1964). Photographed at