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Pulut durian Just Durian Dessert t Menu

Pulut durian Just Durian Dessert t Menu


masam manis: Serawa Pulut Durian- Juadah berbuka puasa 13 Ramadhan 1437

Pulut durian

Durian Pulut

Dessert recipe for Pulut Durian. Glutinous Rice in Sweet Durian Pudding or Durian with Sticky

durian trifle

Durian coconut crepe cake with durian custard sauce

Pulut Durian

Durian Yam Sago

Serawa Durian – Coconut and Durian Dessert | http://mayakitchenette.com/serawa-durian-coconut-and-durian-dessert/

Durian pulut inti

Durian Cendol Seksyen 24 Shah Alam

Durian Cake

triple layer durian cake

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Image via Alice Lee Facebook

The durian dessert to rule over all others

Durian Cake

Durian Chee Cheong Fun

Durian cotton cheesecake

Durian Pudding Cake

ชวนทำเค้กทุเรียนแบบจัดเต็มกันค่ะ - Pantip

Durian Pengat

Durian Cendol Mel's Corner

Cendol with Durian Shah Alam

Fried Durian Roll with Ice Cream

Cendol Durian Seksyen 24 Shah Alam

Durian Polo Bun

Photo of Dessert Library by

Black beauty durian

Image via Miri City Sharing Channel Facebook. A similar dessert called the Durian Crunch ...


Durian Pulut Gula Apong Cendol

Pengat Durian

Durian Muffin


D24 Durian McFlurry (with real durian pulp) now available in McDonald's Malaysia | Great Deals Singapore

Thai Desserts! Authentic and tasty only at Kinley Thai Bistro Pilih, Pulut Mangga, Pulut Durian, Pulut Kelapa, Ubi Thailand dll

Best Durian Desserts in KL

Photo of Durian Durian - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. durian cakes!

Durian Cake

Filosofi Cafe's photo.

Nastar Durian

Cendol Menu Shah Alam

Image via says.com

Durian Swiss Roll

D24 premium durian cake (best seller)

Menu kami telah di update di aplikasi Gofood Gojek. Sekarang anda bisa pesan pulut mangga, pulut durian serta Thai Vegetarian via gojek.

Tung Lok durian snowskin mooncake with chestnut.

Durian King TTDI KL

Durian King TTDI KL

FoodAdvisor pic

Durian Cendol (RM11.90)

Cendol Pulut Durian 1

Durian in Packet

'Pulut durian' was a local Malaysian food which is rich with coconut milk ,

D24 Durian Puff 6 pcs

Surely it must be the one stop centre for durian lovers everywhere! Just look at the variety of desserts they sell below!

The second one in the top rank is this pulut durian! Do you believe me that I haven't tried pulut durian in my whole life?? I don't know why but I only ...

Durian Souffle

... think it costs a mere 40 baht (RM4) compared to the RM12 price tag eating a similar but clearly more inferior quality version at Erawan Thai Restaurant!

Durian lovers, don't miss out on the Durian Snow Ice which will leave you wanting more! Also, don't forget to try their Mango Snow Ice for a delectable ...

The menu showing the different flavours, from left and clockwise from top-left to the centre, the flavours are: 1. Peach 2. Milk 3. Black Sesame 4.

Durian Creme Brulee

Terenak 👌 👌

Durian Pengat

... Durian Dessert, KL. 39ab

Ice Durian Sago is Back! Termasuk Pulut Durian! Langsung saja ke Kinley Thai Bistro Sun Plaza Lt.4 atau Thamrin Plaza Lt.7 dan nikmati minuman Lezat ini.

Image via Shanghaiist

Coco Mango

Cendol Durian Pulut, RM4.50

Try the Durian pulut hitam cake (S$8.50).

Besides the Peranakan buffet, an all-day-dining menu, featuring both western and local favorites, is available too.


I didn't eat any durian desserts so that my dining companions can have more to eat lol! #kidding

Durian Swissroll (box of 9)

Durian Cupcakes (14 pieces)

Durian Pengat Need I write more about their signature must-have dessert?

Signature D24 Durian Cake

I choose to try their pulut + durian sebab nampak macam sedap. Yang bestnya, cendol dia tak rasa terlebih manis ataupun tawar. Just nice.


Bits of candied chestnuts were mixed into the durian cream filling.

Ah Dong Durian

Durian Ang Ku Kueh


Mao Shan Wang Premium Durian Cake (Best Seller)

Durian Cendol Durian Tembaga Mel's Corner

Mini Durian Puff

D24 Durian Crepe 6 pcs

Edge Restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore offers one of the best value-for-money buffets around. Old folks, children and adults too will enjoy the sumptuous ...