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The Money Pit Of Oak Island INTERESTING STUFF t

The Money Pit Of Oak Island INTERESTING STUFF t


๏̯͡๏﴿ Its a Fact -- I love the show 'Curse of Oak Island'.from my view point it's just as interesting historically & for the potential

Oak Island Money Pit Levels Diagram

Building uponMcGinnis', Smith's, and Vaughan's discovery, the Onslow Company's (Oak Island's first real treasure hunting syndicate) excavations revealed ...

In our research into the items and artifacts found over the years on Oak Island in search of treasure, we stumbled onto a possible reason for ...

Many have grappled with trying to explain the mystery of Oak Island, but none have been able to find out what's at the bottom of the Money Pit.

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Cross Section Diagram of the Money Pit area of Oak Island showing suspected flood tunnel

It is quite possible what ever is in, or was in the oak island money pit it ...

Oak Island Money Pit Area Click on image to enlarge

Oak Island Money Pit Solved | Groups :: The SodaHead Paranormal and Supernatural Group :

What is contained in the Oak Island Money Pit? See this photo. Keith Ranville.

Oak Island linked to Mayans or Freemasons?

The Lagina brothers arrive on Oak Island and drive to the Money Pit area, where they meet with fellow treasure hunter Dave Blankenship, Oak Island historian ...

The Oak Island memorial stone that was dedicated to the six people that were killed over

Oak Island Money Pit Part 2

The Mystery of Oak Island? Is there something there?

Diagram of Money Pit http://www.nothingaboutpotatoes.co.uk/

Oak Island Money Pit Solved | Oak Island, The World's Costliest Treasure Hunt Mahone Bay

The Money Pit. Oak Island ...


... so far: So after three years (of the show), the Laginas and company finally begin taking a serious look at the actual money-pit area. And you have to ...

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - The Money Pit


Oak Island Money Pit Mystery Resolved

Fool's Gold: why there's no treasure in the Oak Island “Money Pit.” [Part I]

Theodore Scott / Wikimedia Commons

The Restall Family Tragedy

Fool's Gold: why there's no treasure in the Oak Island “Money Pit.” [Part IV]

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The Oak Island Money Pit

There have been questions posed in the past as to whether or not there was a Windmill on Oak Island.

90ft stone

Replica of a mysteriously inscribed stone found within the Oak Island money pit.

Oak Island Money Pit Treasure

Modern Excavations

Click image for larger version. Name: buc1.jpg Views: 314 Size: ...

For nearly 200 years, singly and in syndicates, men have been boring and tunneling on a small island off Nova Scotia in search of a fabulous treasure .

5 Dark Facts Surrounding The Oak Island Money Pit. The Curse Of Oak Island 2017 Secret Treasure

The Curse of Oak Island - money pit

The Oak Island Parchment

The Curse of Oak Island: 3D Map and Timeline (Season 4) | History - YouTube

Maps that are said to mark where gold lies on Oak Island

McGinnis, John Smith, and Anthony Vaughan dig to 30 feet temporarily give up. 1803 - Onslow Company along with the 3 original finders begin excavation.

Treasure found on The Curse of Oak Island as 500-year-old gemstone uncovered

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance map of Oak Island

More indisputable proof that a great treasure lies below the surface are in the items already found. Many artifacts have been discovered in and around the ...

Nearly 40 years ago, a television show called “In Search Of” hosted by Leonard “Spock” Nimoy aired an episode called “The Money Pit”. The show tells the ...

This explanation posits that the pit may have been constructed by French engineers as a decoy to protect the real treasure ...

We hope that this letter gave you some additional insight into the history of the treasure ...

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The ...

oak island flood tunnels

Reader's Digest: Oak Island's Mysterious 'Money Pit' ...

Could the Lagina Brothers Finally Answer the Mystery Surrounding the Oak Island Treasure

The original slab has gone missing, so the picture above is only a replica of uncertain authenticity.

The Lost Treasure of Oak Island

The Mystery Money Pit Treasure Of Oak Island

Seven people will die, it has been predicted, before the treasure is found. So far, six have perished in accidents over the years. Oak Island ...

In 1893, treasure hunter Frederick Blair and his Oak Island Treasure Company excavated the Pit and were flooded out by seawater when they reached a depth of ...

... the water in Cave-In Pit (as well as the Money Pit) frothed and bubbled. These findings suggesting that the Cave-In Pit is indeed connected with the ...

In the late 18th century, treasure hunters found coconut fiber in the Money Pit –

Skeptics commonly claim the Money Pit is nothing more than a naturally occurring sinkhole.

Money Pit during Dunfield Excavations (1950s)

The Origins of the Oak Island Saga and the Old Money Pit – Oak Island Saga pt 1.

Fool's Gold: why there's no treasure in the Oak Island “Money Pit.” [Part II]

When Zena Halpern came forth with the La Formule Cipher and the French Oak Island Map, it could not be ignored for the simple reason that it is the only ...

Focus On: The Oak Island Money Pit

... mention that there is another mention of what was probably the limestone layer, in the logs of Henry Bowdoin, who drilled some 28 holes in the money pit ...

oak 28

Slide # 35 of Les MacPhie and John Wonnacott's "Smith's Cove Oak Island" presentation

Our best estimate of where the Money Pit was located is shown on Figure 14. The supporting evidence for the correct Money Pit location is discussed below.

Geotech pattern drilling: How could it help locate the Money Pit on The Curse of Oak Island?

If you think about it, Oak Island is a pretty odd place to stash one of the world's greatest treasures. No persuasive explanation for why the possessors of ...

Rick Lagina holding a cross on The Curse of Oak Island

Coconut Fibre - Photo taken at the Oak Island Visitors Centre

Created by Darcy O'Connor, shared courtesy of the Chester Municipal Heritage Society


Possibly, but there is a rich history of logging and log handling on Oak Island. Multiple attempts at finding treasure on ...


'The Curse of Oak Island' Season 5 Spoilers: Presence Of A Plate Creating Hindrance On The Way To Money Pit (Photo By: The Curse of Oak Island Trailer Video ...

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Bermuda Triangle Box

One more thing regarding the money pit: Not being personally involved in the dig, there are a lot of technical details I am missing, of course.


... The Oak Island Money Pit. Oak Island