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World39s rarest stamps stamps Postage Stamp Chat Board amp Stamp

World39s rarest stamps stamps Postage Stamp Chat Board amp Stamp


100+Most+Valuable+Postage+Stamps | Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp


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Left: The 1882 £5 orange is now worth £70,000. Right: The two penny blue was issued in 1840

China Stamp Color: red Chinese Imperial Post Coiling Dragon Value: Two Cents Year: 1898 to 1900 The Red Dragon - Chinese Imperial Post - photo.

King George VI Postage Stamps: Ceylon ~ I have a tea-shirt with this on it from GoingPostal t-shirts.

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Top 100 Most Expensive Stamps | Rare Postage Stamps | Most Valuable Stamps.com | Caring for stamps

Collecting by Engraver - Stamp Community Forum - Page 19 Cameroon 1954 engraved by Cami · Rare StampsVintage StampsPostage ...

Big Blue 1840-1940: Newfoundland- The Royal Family on Stamps

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It also affects the right sleeve of “pointing man” (Rosenblum observes that in all stages, there is a coloured ...

Stamp 6.

Barbados SG253c showing Cracked Plate (bottom right hand value, line through the four and extending up the stamp).

Rare Postage Stamps and Stamp Collector Investments

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Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum • View topic

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world's rarest stamps stamps | selling a rare postage stamp and collecting stamps is the world


old jamaican postage stamp



The classic stamps of Danzig Stamp munity Forum

Rare Expensive Stamps | usairmailstamps.com/.. . the home of U.S Air. Rare StampsVintage StampsStamp ...


A Spanish ship, from 1930.

The investment value of stamps (Pt 1)


The “Proving” Discovery.

a stamp of pair of elephant stamps. Postage Stamp Chat Board ...

And then some Canada that filled a few gaps. Of course some of these could do with upgrading but the pages are full ...

usspecimenstamps.files.wo… usspecimenstamps.files.wo…

The stamp was initially discovered in 1873 by a 12-year old Scottish boy living

What s the most expensive stamp you purchased in 2011 Stamp. 7 of the world s most valuable stamps ...

The 1c Magenta was part of an emergency shipment commissioned by the country's postmaster when a

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In March, the Expert Committee at the Royal Philatelic Society London gave the stamp a

Stamp Magazine Blog May 2013. 17 Awesome png stamps rare ...

The 24¢ 1869 Pictorial INVERTED CENTER depicts in just 3/8" x 5/8" 23 Founders (nine with faces) presenting a draft of the Declaration of Independence (from ...

1934 Scott 178 35s dark blue. "

304P2, 5c Blue, small die proof on wove, on original card backing from

... Conservation Act in 1929 to authorize the acquisition and preservation of wetlands as waterfowl habitat. The law, however, did not provide a permanent ...

Frequently described as 'the most valuable stamp in the world', the British Guiana

Left: Straits Settlements 1880 30 cents claret. Right: Straits Settlements 1912 $500 orange-brown

'Damus Petimus Que Vicissum' -- ('We give and expect in return')

FIGURE 3 'International references' per decade: (A) Proportion (%)

PC49 Phila China Stamp Auction eCatalog May 14, 2016 Hong Kong 香港華郵2016年5月14日郵票拍賣目錄 by Phila China Limited - issuu


Rainbow Stamp News

The unique stamp is expected to fetch $20 million when auctioned in New York on June

Considered one of the most beautiful stamps, this $1 Cattle in the Storm (from a John MacWhirter painting) is part of the nine-stamp set (1¢ to $2.00) ...


Long to reign over us: A stamp commemorates the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977

An employee of Sotheby's auction house holds a case containing the sole-surviving 'British

Great Briton: Winston Churchill was featured on the Royal Mail's very first special-issue

A set of 1948 stamps picturing Mahatma Gandhi has sold for a record 5,00,000 pound (approximately Rs 4.14 crore, as on 19th April 2017).

GB Stamps featuring British Design Classics, The 2009 British Design Classics Stamp ...

Each sheetlet contains 8 stamps together merge into one continuous scene. Santa's Helpers (Uganda, Scott 648) show you what it must look like at the North ...

Pretty 1d Swan with red cancel.

... cancellation on gold cacheted exposition envelope addressed locally to Buffalo, hand stamped "Buffalo, N.Y. May 1 '01" c.d.s. The Aristocrat Collection

Most of the world's supply!

Turn of the Century Mail Box on Main Street USA


Scott Stamp Monthly seeks helpful philatelic Web sites

Technological achievements: Jodrell Bank radio telescope appears on this 4d stamp from 1966

58 Bartolomeo Eustachi Stamp: Congo 1978 Portrait cancel: Italy 1974

A unique omnibus was issued for Christmas 1991. Five nations participated in issuing a series of stamps and souvenir sheets featuring reproduction of ...

Fig. 2.3.2 The performance of GB 30 Rarities with other formal assets (

For the first time since 1991, Pluto is the main focus with a colorful pre

Mémoire sur la théorie mathématique des phénomènes électro-dynamiques déduite de l'expérience, dans lequel se trouvent réunis les Mémoires que M. Ampère a ...

Last year's first class Christmas stamp was a robin red breast

1919 Typographed denomination stamps, never released

Nothing is truer than typing that rare and eye catching stamp pieces invariably go UP in price, whilst the junk settles to the bottom of the philatelic pond ...

A link to Europe: This 1994 stamp showing the British lion and French cockerel shaking

In India we have the First Diamond Shaped Stamp of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in the Year 1964.We have had a quite a few Diamond shaped Stamps the recent one being ...

Image is loading W-Avery-amp-Son-BRASS-PENNY-STAMP-NEEDLE-

Fig 35 Ibn al-Nafis Syria 1967

Stamp News Australasia May 2009

Stamp News Australasia March 2009

Info - Glassblowing Stamps

... Postage Stamp from Libya. International Telecommunication Union - International Telecommunication Union – anniversary 150 years. Post of Azerbaijan,

And Canada Post has the stamps to prove it! Five-stamp series features Canadian flag, including Biggest Living Flag ever recorded

7th May 1861 was a special day in Indian history indeed. Rabindranath Tagore, one of the world's m.

Royal Mail - "Gold Medal Winners Stamps"


Tube-nosed bats are famousin the region and have been depicted on stamps in Papua

Custom sensor board and Mica2 mote.

Arnold Machin Centenary Stamps


The stamps for the federal transfer tax are affixed to this document shown to the left. This documents records the sale of 33,973 shares of Stutz Motor car ...